Reblah Star released his single HIGH FREQUENCY on Star Balance™ Record Label & Lifestyle Brand.  HIGH FREQUENCY focuses on sharing positive energy to listeners.  Singer, Songwriter, Producer and Mixing Engineer Reblah Star creates his signature Reggae Tech sound for everyone to enjoy the vibes.  Stay tuned for more upcoming release dates.   . 

New Music & Compilations

Reblah Star produced MAKE IT for artist Tam Tam in March 2020.  He is also Co-Founder of Star Balance a Music, Events and Lifestyle Brand that promotes uplifting and trendsetting music and apparel.

Reblah Star produced the Another Day Riddim which featured artists Ed Robinson, Khausion di Ikon featuring Saddam Aerodynamic, Jahhstone, Tam Tam, Yosefus, Pepe, Dubjay 13 and Dionne Blaize.  Reblah Star's Cosmos Riddim featured artists Tam Tam, Amelia Bluzh, G-Ko, Khausion, Splicerr and Saddam Aerodynamic featuring Jessie Dynamic.  The complication can be streamed HERE.  Also released in 2019 were singles You & Me from Splicerr and Summertime Party from D'Natural. All project are produced and mixed by Reblah Star using his signature Reggae Tech sound.    

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Reblah Star has been hard at work in the studio working on new music that inspires and showcases his talents as a singer/songwriter as well as a producer and innovator of creating unique genres such as "Future Dancehall", "Dancehall EDM" and "Reggae Tech", to name a few. Stay up for new music coming your way real soon. Subscribe to the Reblah Star Channel and follow Reblah Star Instagram

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    Reblah blessing the studio.